Solid rivets

  • Ø1 mm-10 mm / 2 mm-90 mm

    We produce solid rivets from Ø1 mm-10 mm and a length of 2 mm-90 mm in all standard materials.

DesignationDINShaft ØShaft length
Round-head rivets660 / 1241-10 mm2-90 mm
Countersunk-head rivets661 / 302 1-10 mm2-90 mm
Mushroom-head rivets6621-10 mm2-90 mm
Snap-head rivets6741-10 mm2-90 mm
Flat countersunk rivets675 1-10 mm2-90 mm
Solid rivet7338 shape A 1-10 mm2-90 mm


All rivets also possible according to sample and specific drawing.