Our contribution to environmental protection

In addition to ensuring the quality of our rivets, the areas of emission prevention, sustainability and recycling are central aspects of GfB Ernst's corporate policy. We are aware of our responsibility towards the nature, the environment and future generations and act accordingly. Our environmental management is therefore designed to be continuously improved and expanded.

The basis for this is DIN EN ISO 14001. The international environmental management standard describes in detail what is required of a company's corporate environmental policy. It serves as the basis for our measures for environmental protection. Beyond these requirements, it is a central concern of GfB Ernst to take all measures possible to protect the environment.

This includes in particular:

The overall reduction of emissions, waste and waste water in all areas of the company.

Efficient recycling of raw materials and production surpluses.

The reduction of energy consumption throughout the company and the use of renewable energy.

The continuous optimisation of our environmental management system using the latest digital, technical and organisational possibilities.

The training and motivation of our entire staff in environmentally-friendly behaviour.

The communication of our environmental standards to the outside world and the encouragement of suppliers, customers and contract partners to actively contribute to environmental protection as well.